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TRANSFORMERS Studio Series Core The The Movie Decepticon Rumble Figure, Ages 8 and Up, 8.5 cm, Multicolor (F3145)

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Figure features vivid, movie-inspired deco, is highly articulated for posability, and comes with a blaster accessory inspired by the film Yet nobody blinks an eye when some 3p comes out with "cassette warrior Blue Framalamble-piledriver man-boy"… Figure features vivid, movie-inspired deco, is highly articulated for posability. Comes with blaster and blast effect accessories inspired by the film Different engineering goals result in different constraints. There's no comparison to be made when they all do things entirely differently.

Possible New Studio Series Legends Rumble, Laserbeak More Possible New Studio Series Legends Rumble, Laserbeak More

And speaking of 3D printing. I would not be surprised if after some time, someone makes proper arms for Rumble. MV6 Skywarp. So just another clunky "Tetrajet" to go with Starscream and Thrust. I wouldn't mind a Blitzwing reuse instead but that wouldn't be accurate. BIG SCREEN-INSPIRED: This 3.5-inch Autobot Ratchet figure is inspired by the character’s appearance in the 1986 film The Transformers: The Movie! Look at the inside of the arms with the fists folded in. They occupy part of the space that would be needed for an elbow joint. Call the designer a liar if you wish, you're still wrong. There's no room for an elbow joint with the way the hands fold into the arms Leader Class figures are 8.5-inch collectible action figures inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe, now including The Transformers: The Movie!Leader Tigerhawk, voyager Silverbolt, voyager Thundertron and voyager Cybertron Starscream? That's like the best leak ever. i couldn't care less about voyager Animated Optimus Prime though unless he has his jet armor and the Magnus hammer. Doesn't mean I won't get it though. Other than Tigerhawk and Silverbolt pretty much having the same alt mode just using different animals, this is a fairly diverse lineup. I just really, really, really, really hope that Thundertron isn't just a retool of Leo Prime. Have Prime ThunderTRON be its own mold with Cyberverse ThunderHOWL as his retool. Go! Prime and Alpha Trizer could also be reuses of Thundertron.

Studio Series New Reveals Official Details Transformers Studio Series New Reveals Official Details

EDIT: Looking at other versions of the film, there does appear to be issues with frame focus during Hot Rod's fishing scene… Weird, I never noticed that before! The rest I think I've talked about already except for one. The one I want the most other than Tigerhawk, Windblade and Slipstream anyway and that's FILCH!!!!!!!! Yes please!!!!!!! It's about damn time she got a toy. I hope they use the RotB standard deluxe Airazor instead of either Kingdom Airazor and her easy to break wings or Studio Series Airazor and it needing to be modified to have the bird mode's legs sit as nicely as Kingdom Airazor. Better yet, give her a new mold entirely and then make Energon Divebomb from her. Yes people seem to think RotB Airazor looks like Divebomb but I don't. That mold looks like the Classics Minicon Dreadwing mold. Wedge Shape, Longview, SG Divebomb and Stiletto should all be made from RotB Airazor along with Dreadwing. Energon Divebomb and the Cosmo type Shadowhawk from Superlink can be a new mold with Filch. Figure features classic conversion between robot and Cybertronian hovercraft modes in 19 steps. Perfect for fans looking for a more advanced converting figureCLASSIC SLINGSHOT ACCESSORY: This Autobot Wheelie figure comes with a slingshot accessory inspired by the movie Of course Energon Galvatron was going to happen. It would just be nice to see what they plan on doing with Energon Megatron as a core class to begin with though. Prime Strongarm is a long time coming. She needs to be bumped up to the top 20 or so Autobots that get made. She had a good design and personality and her alt mode is pretty good too being a larger automobile. Most importantly though she can be used as a basis for Smallfoot and any chance to get some more Gobots is always a win. I also want Gregevor/Greejeeber, "patrol mode" Strongarm, "desert camo" Strongarm, "arctic" Strongarm (was she in that mission?), armored up Strongarm and Ratchet too. Just give me all the Strongarms. I think the problem is really plastic quality, rigidity and assembly accuracy. Hasbro is working within the limits of the plastic durability and assembly acumen. Sure they could design double joints everywhere, but that would result in many quality issues down the line, examples include the recent Micromasters where most of the figures fell apart when you tried to pose or transform them.

Studio Series 86 Core Decepticon Rumble (Blue) Transformers Studio Series 86 Core Decepticon Rumble (Blue)

As a side note, I'm really curious to see how well these showings did. There were a good amount of people in my showing on Sunday and it seems like it's done pretty well all around based on photos from people online. Of course Sideburn was being made. That was painfully obvious when we first seen Shadow Striker. I do hope to get all the colors though including the OTFCC versions of Roulette and Shadow Striker. If you're a Soundwave fan like me, then you know that you need to have his cassette-based minions, and Rumble is no exception. The mould is really good; he looks brilliantly screen-accurate, has good articulation considering he's a Core Class figure, and of course he easily transforms up to fit into his master's chest compartment.Vector Prime is/was a multiversal singularity. So any Vector Prime released will be the same Vector Prime regardless of anything else. However there's only been one Vector Prime anyway though and that's CyberTRON Vector Prime. Well I guess there's been two if you count PotP Metalhawk since the Primemaster that came with him is Vector Prime. The wiki still has them as being the same Vector Prime though. I hope it looks better when we get better photos of it. Not that it looks bad though as the original toy is really good. This just looks a little weird or the light's catching it oddly or something. ICONIC MODES: Figure features classic conversion between robot and cassette modes in 9 steps. Perfect for fans looking for a more advanced converting figure. For kids and adults ages 8 and up I got to see the 2018(?) showing of it and loved it then, and I am excited to be going again tomorrow night! It's going to be tough for deluxe Thrash to beat Warrior Trash. With the extra budget I can see them doing something stupid and making it weird or kibbly.

Transformers Studio Series – Hasbro Pulse - UK Transformers Studio Series – Hasbro Pulse - UK

Sort of wish there was another animated movie that preceeded this one…just to show the transition and introduction of events and characters…get us used to the more brutal effects of the war… the high pitch of the music when Prime flatlined…still sort of moved when that plays…Cullen did a great death scene…and Starscream's death got a good reaction too,… The only requirement for all participants (host and guests) is access to a computer or mobile device which has a microphone. SORRY I didn't see these before. Niiiiiice! Being a Prime head, I can really appreciate all of these. I think your Nova works very well. Will be fascinating to see what Hasbro works up. I hope they do some proper wings. I dunno if you saw my Daily Prime post, but I reshot the SND upgrade for Combiner Wars Core Optimus Prime. INCH SCALE AUTOBOT WHEELIE: Figure features vivid, movie-inspired deco and is highly articulated for posability


I remember my little brother saying "Rodimus Prime" seconds after Hot Rod reclaimed the matrix from galvatron…iremember at the time being confused by the toy catalog showing Rodimus and Hot Rod and why they were essentially the same toy…so it still didn't dawn on me that even after Galvatron the same might happen again to Hot Rod…the toybox tech specs didn't let on they were previous characters…

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