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Sumo Squats! The Original Sumo Squat, Hook & Race Party Game.

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The Jotun-Erydani Combine are renowned for their craftsmanship and forging, the Urani-Surtr Regulates have a reputation for incredible stoicism and self-reliance, the Ghulo Industrial Complex are unmatched in the fields of void mining and terraforming, and no league boasts greater or more indomitable fortifications than the Kindreds of the Typhon-Styx Protectorate.

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Pôkhamm, Ymmâ, Kîrv, Vymm, Vêyha, Êkhya, Ôrumm, Dêki, Yvâ, Mûrym, Ȗmyk, Ryûk, Sîmmka, Êkyr, Hâluk, Vûkha, Kylû, Vyhâ, Kîmm, Pîya, Âmmuk, Hêykha, Kâhyrm, Îyka, Pôyuk, Ymmî, Pêmm, Yrêk, Vîya, Êyv, Vêmmha, Pôlyk, Ymmê, Îhap, Mêmm, Kvyma Many of the Leagues of Votann have existed for millennia. The Greater Thurian League, the Ymyr Conglomerate, the Urani-Surtr Regulates, the Typhon-Styx Protectorate and others are established and ancient Kin power blocs. Some, such as the ill-fated Kapellan League, have declined over the centuries, while others -- like the Kronus Hegemony or the Seran-Tok Mercantile Leagues -- are more recently established.Kronus Kindreds must fulfil quotas of martial conquest, and find the slightest excuse to launch into full-blown military invasions of alien-held star systems. Over time, the temperament of these Kindreds has become ever more aggressive and ill-tempered, so that now there are few problems the Kin of the Kronus Hegemony will not seek to solve with violence. Waste feeds the void." - Personifying the inimical environment of space as a hungry predator, this Truth expresses the idea that wastefulness, idleness or oversight is likely to feed the crew of a Kin voidship to this ravenous beast. It can be applied to almost any situation in Kin society, from expending ammunition on poorly chosen targets to failing to recycle food waste.

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The Kin of the Greater Thurian League are skilled warriors and ruthless expansionists, instinctively working together to defeat their foes and efficiently achieve their aims. As with everything, they approach war with a grim, methodical pragmatism that is an inspiration to other leagues. Each league possesses sole claim to the ancient heraldic colours and logos of one of those original Long March mining fleets. Every Kindred that belongs to a league is thus entitled to display these colour schemes and sigils in whatever fashion they see fit, providing it is suitably respectful to the Ancestors. Over the Terran millennia, the territories claimed by each league within the space of the galactic core have become relatively set, while shared prevailing cultures, economic specialties and outlooks have come to dominate within their member Kindreds.

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The Sigma-Drakoni Union is a martially-inclined league that prizes honourable combat greatly. Its Kinhosts are held to a strict code of conduct at all times, and take an unusual degree of pride in their heraldry and decorative insignia. Such genetic alterations also manifest in the phenotypes of those Kin who bear them, again giving the lie to the idea that just because the Kin are all clones, they are also all identical. Such expressions include an unusual colour of the skin or eyes by Human standards, altered subdermal layers displaying various craggy surfaces or ridges on the cranium or elsewhere on the body, unusual odours and similar cosmetic changes. These differences do not breed prejudice or other forms of discrimination among the Kin, who view them as the marks of valuable abilities and enhancements to the capability of the Kin to work or defend themselves that they were intended to be. Kin myth blends into recorded history around the time their Long March fleets were approaching the galactic core. Why they did not return to the heartlands of Humanity's civilisation at that time is unclear. From the fact that so many Kin fleets plunged into the galactic core within a period of only a few Terran centuries, it might be inferred that a deliberate choice was made. The colours of the various Hearthkyn soldiers of the line for the major leagues of the Leagues of Votann. The numerical glyphs shown here are used by many Kindreds on the left shoulder plate of the void armour to denote squad number within the Kinhost. Other Kindreds may use them to show membership in a particular Oathband. The Ancestors are watching." - This idiom is both a reminder that Kin must always live up to their Ancestors' expectations, and also a reassurance that the Ancestors live on in the families of the Kin. It can be used as a battlecry, a warning or a blessing.

Squats – From Space Dwarfs to the Leagues of The Saga of the Squats – From Space Dwarfs to the Leagues of

This is very simple. We don't want your lives, your coin or that junk you call technology. We want your world. We want the riches you didn't even realise you had, and that you definitely don't deserve. Leave while you have the chance. Or don't. Either way, we're coming to claim what's ours." Squat Trikes from White Dwarf 149 (May 1992) – you wouldn’t want to sit that close to a multimelta barrel these days…The Leagues of Votann may not technically be a “new” faction, but they’re bringing some great new dynamics to Warhammer 40,000, expanding the game and the setting. Keep your goggles on for more news about the Leagues of Votann, and sign up for the newsletter if you want it all delivered straight to your inbox. It is the Grimnyr or " Living Ancestors" who come closest to speaking to the Votann. The chief amongst the Grimnyr is known as the " Lord Grimnyr" who represents the other Grimnyr in their Kindred's Hearthspake and on the Votannic Council of the Kinhost. To them falls the duty of asking the Ancestor Cores for wisdom and guidance, and interpreting the resultant output. This they do within the arcane technological structures called Fanes.

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