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Harlequin Power Sword - Harlequin power swords are always named after famed weapons from Aeldari myth. Many bear titles taken from the blades forged by Vaul to appease Khaine and secure the release of his prisoners, Kurnous and Isha. Also popular are the various blades of the House of Eldanesh, one of Khaine's many godly weapons, or the many stolen swords of the Laughing God himself. The Harlequins are lightning-fast warrior acrobats. These enigmatic beings do not differentiate between war and art, applying their lithe, inhuman grace to both without distinction. Sinister, mysterious and mercurial, they wage a never-ending guerrilla war against the servants of the Ruinous Powers in the name of their Laughing God. Harlequins are the strangest and most inscrutable of all the Aeldari race. Their mastery of the physical arts, twinned with their incredible speed, makes the Harlequins truly deadly fighters. Every moment is a performance, and they perform their legendary masques with puissant skill, flair and passion –- their hallmarks upon the field of battle. Thus, one might be the Dawnsinger, another the Blinded Princess. Some roles are reserved for specific members of the masque -- for only a Death Jester may play the role of Death. The most ominous role of all is that of the Solitaire, the most sinister and abhorrent, yet also most fascinating and alluring, troubadour within the host -- for the Solitaire alone may take on the role of She Who Thirsts, Slaanesh, the great and hated enemy of all the Aeldari. The heart of each masque is the cadre of three Troupes, each of which is led by a Troupe Master. Appended to the three Troupes are the Skyweavers and Voidweavers. A full Masque will feature two squadrons of Skyweaver Jetbikes and one of Voidweavers. When selecting your kill team for the battle, select an Allegory to be active for it during the battle (reveal it to your opponent when you reveal your kill team). Then, at the start of the first Strategy phase, select one friendly VOID-DANCER TROUPE operative to have the pivotal role for the battle. While a friendly operative has the pivotal role, it has the Accolade ability of the active Allegory.

Harlequin Void-Dancer Troupe Kill Teams Clown Tears: Harlequin Void-Dancer Troupe Kill Teams

Fate is of great consequence to the Harlequins, their every action intended to alter the future as they see fit. Within a meditation shrine, they can ponder the paths ahead of them, selecting the best courses of action and mentally rehearsing their every step. For the purposes of determining Line of Sight, while that operative is more than from the active operative, it is in Cover. Where a single Harlequin in battle is a player upon a stage, an entire army of them is a performing company with a bloody tale to tell. Known as masques, these warbands fight with breathtaking synchronicity. Troupes of Harlequins sprint across the battlefield, surging from hidden Webway portals to strike without warning. Skyweaver jetbike crews engage the foe in an aerobatic ballet, streaking above the heads of the enemy to hurl spinning star bolas. Trivelino or Trivelin. Name is said to mean "Tatterdemalion." One of the oldest versions of Harlequin, dating to the 15th century. Costume almost identical to Harlequin's, but had a variation of the 17th century where the triangular patches were replaced with moons, stars, circles and triangles. In 18th century France, Trivelino was a distinct character from Harlequin. They appeared together in a number of comedies by Pierre de Marivaux including L'Île des esclaves. [28] As for the names of your characters I think Gaelic names are good combined with what was said above.If every model in an INFANTRY unit is on or in an Area Terrain feature with this trait, then it can either Hold Steady or it can Set to Defend (see below) when an enemy unit declares a charge against it. If this unit contains 7 or more models, it has Power Rating 9. Every model is equipped with: shuriken pistol; Harlequin’s blade; plasma grenades.

How to Paint Everything: Harlequins | Goonhammer How to Paint Everything: Harlequins | Goonhammer

The Masque of the Dreaming Shadow act as self-appointed guardians against the awakening Necrons. They appear morbid of spirit, resentful towards other masques, who perhaps surprisingly hold them in high regard. The Players of the Dreaming Shadow are bound together by their morbid demeanour, and by a simmering resentment of the other masques. This sentiment, however, is deliberately exaggerated -- part act and part truth, deriving from the fact that the war against the Necrons distracts from Cegorach's true battle with She Who Thirsts. For their part, most other Harlequins hold the Dreaming Shadow's selflessness in high esteem, though some are scornful of this masque's inherent bitterness toward them, dismissing their war against the Necrons as nothing but a sad sideshow. The Rune of Unveiled Mystery is worn by this masque as an ironic comment, symbolising the deadly threat their kin have chosen to forget. Troupe Master - Troupe Masters, also known as Avatars and called athair in the Aeldari Lexicon, are the officers of the Harlequins, with each troupe being led by a Troupe Master. Troupe Masters are choreographers of war, directing their comrades’ reactions to the changing fates of battle, and ensuring the Harlequins’ performance in the theatre of war is as perfect as it can be. By consent of their peers, the Troupe Masters become focal points for the successes and failures of entire Troupes of Harlequins. In many conflicts, the most talented will even be entrusted with directing the performance of their entire masque. Troupe Masters are closer to the lead Players of a cast than formal commanders; they are elevated by the will of their brothers and sisters, playing their role until it is time for another to take their place. Troupe Masters act as exemplars for all their Troupe's key characteristics, embodying everything it means to be Light, Dark or Twilight writ large. Thus Troupe Masters of the Light will hurl themselves into battle like the headstrong heroes of ancient myth, adopting such aggressive, protagonist roles as the Duke of the Hidden Realm, or the Eldanari Prince. Troupe Masters of the Dark, by comparison, are sinister and vindictive, always seeking some way in which to flamboyantly finish off the foe. Troupe Masters of the Twilight, meanwhile, see cycles of transition in everything, often seeming obsessive or insane in their attention to nuance and detail until the precise moment their true genius reveals itself. In performance, the Avatar dances the part of the Laughing God. Some Avatars are known to wear long coats to indicate their rank. An Avatar is usually armed with two close combat weapons (one of which is often a Shuriken Pistol), and equipped with a visual disruption Holo-field and Conversion Field emitter. In addition, some Avatars may have psychic abilities. In combat, an Avatar may be armed with Vortex Grenades, which he delivers on-target by running forwards alone while the rest of the troupe supplies covering fire. The Avatars of some Harlequin troupes carry a number of lightweight batons, which unfold into a flag bearing the symbol of their masque. This is commonly left as a "calling card" after the destruction of enemy units and installations. This masque bases its entire existence upon the tales of the Cosmic Serpent's brood. It performs and fights in an almost exclusively airborne fashion, soaring into battle like the Weaver Serpents of the mythic tales. The Soaring Spite is frequently seen in the company of the Saim-Hann Asuryani, with whom its Players share a spiritual bond. Its performances are also wildly popular within the toroid arenas of the Commorrite Wych Cults. Here, the masque's Skyweavers swoop and soar, shedding very real blood as they engage in ritual dances and duels with the best challengers the Wych Cults have to offer. The diamond rune of the Soaring Spite signifies a sense of oneness, binding the Harlequins to the mythic beasts upon whom their performances are based. Dark Troupes, on the other hand, appear sinister and vindictive in their actions and the ways in which they finish off their enemies seem cruel, flamboyant and often very violent. Jean-Claude Schmitt (1999). Ghosts in the Middle Ages: The Living and the Dead in Medieval Society. University Of Chicago Press. ISBN 978-0-226-73888-8.Clayman on the other hand was not that powerful compared to his fellow members being the weakest especially in terms of raw physical power, but definitely made up for it as the most educated and dexterous of the group through plotting and creating various schemes and tactics. Tear managed to gain the info that Demon Lord Frey feared the return of Charybdis, and shared this info with Clayman. Clayman then offered Frey to eliminate the threat in exchange for a favor.

Harlequin Troupe

In the wake of their disappearance or destruction during the War in Heaven against the Necrons and their C'tan masters, the Old Ones left the care and use of the Webway to their Aeldari creations, who used it for millennia to tie together their great empire. To become a Harlequin means erasing all that has come before, be it friends, family, path or purpose. However it happens, once an Aeldari becomes a Harlequin every aspect of their old identity is erased. Each joins a Light, Twilight or Dark Troupe, and assumes a new role at the behest of their Troupe Master. These roles -- each known by a ritual character name such as the Webway Witch, the Sun Prince, or Shaimesh the Poisoner -- inform every aspect of the Harlequin's personality from that moment on. The Fall (ca. M30) - The civilisation of the ancient Aeldari Empire is annihilated by the catastrophic birth of Slaanesh. The Daemon's Dance (113.M41) - A Solitaire duels the infamous Bloodletter known as Skulltaker before the Gate of Souls, mirroring the hatred between Khorne and Slaanesh. At the duel's height, the Solitaire drops his guard and is slain, the psychic echo of his self-sacrifice resonating through the Warp to banish a horde of Slaaneshi Daemons about to breach the gate.When using the Between Colours Strategic Ploy, does the operative have to be in a location it can be placed to perform the Shoot action? The War of Mirrors (358.M40) - The Silent Shroud face WAAAGH! Gutrippa on Sheng's World. Impossibly outnumbered, the Harlequins use the planet's many Webway portals to run circles around their Ork foes. Only a handful of Harlequins survive the six-month conflict, but they sow such confusion that the WAAAGH! furiously tears itself apart. Shadowseers can blind enemy operatives and drive them mad with their psychic powers. As they obscure their allies with illusions, they fire hallucinogenic grenades at the foe that cause disorientation or death. In close combat, Shadowseers crush bones with strikes from their miststaves, which also scramble the perceptions of those they hit.

Troupe Kill Team Guide (Harlequins) Void-Dancer Troupe Kill Team Guide (Harlequins)

Note that this means, for the purposes of your kill team’s Performance tally during the battle, each friendly operative can only complete one Performance, and only one pivotal role can complete a Performance (even if you change the active Allegory or pivotal role during the battle. For example, as a result of the LEAD PLAYER operative’s Performance Lead ability). White Dwarf Weekly 53 (31 Jan 2015), "Harlequin Troupe," "The Danse of Death," "Paint Splatter," pp. 4-16, 23-29, 37-45

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Clayman hid his relationship with the Moderate Harlequin Alliance upon becoming a Demon Lord as he feared it could lead to an undesirable outcome in the future. The same applies with Kagali, who, during her tenure as Demon Lord Kazalim hid her relationship with her creations. However, it is eventually revealed that he's a part of the Jesters during Volume 6 where he refuses to sell out his friends and master to Rimuru. Well Versed: Once per battle, you can use a VOID-DANCER TROUPE Tactical Ploy without spending any Command Points if this operative is the VOID-DANCER TROUPE operative specified by that Tactical Ploy.

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