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The Last Bloodline

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As you were putting together the final season, how much did you think of the fans and their expectations and questions they had for the end of the series, and how much did you focus on what you’d envisioned as the ultimate endpoint for the series? a b Baigent, Michael; Leigh, Richard; Lincoln, Henry (1982). The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. Corgi. ISBN 0-552-12138-X. Cooperman, Alan (2007-02-28). " 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' Claim Called a Stunt". Washington Post. ISSN 0190-8286 . Retrieved 2021-05-14. Historian Ken Mondschein ridiculed the notion that a distinct bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene could have been preserved: This article is about claims to a genealogical descent from the historical Jesus. For the biblical genealogy of Jesus, see Genealogy of Jesus.

Guzzo, Gizberto (June 17, 2023). "Bloodline Civil War Announced For WWE Money In The Bank 2023". Fightful . Retrieved June 17, 2023.a b Wrestlemania 39: How a Samoan dynasty became the greatest wrestling family of all time - ESPN.com This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. ( February 2023) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Dyer, Jennifer (December 2015). "2.3.5 The Woman with the Alabaster Jar". The Role of Archaeology in the Jesus Industry (M.A.). University of South Africa. pp.76–80.

This was your first time working with Netflix. Given your experience with Bloodline, would you do another series or movie with the streamer?

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a b c d e Hurlbut, Jesse D. (2009). "Review: Dynasty of the Holy Grail: Mormonism's Sacred Bloodline by Vern Grosvenor Swanson". Brigham Young University Studies. 48: 179–182. Bloodline DVD (Cinema Libre, 2008, 113 minutes). The documentary was originally released in cinemas on 9 May 2008.

A presentation of analogous concepts in a Mormon context was published in 2006: Dynasty of the Holy Grail: Mormonism's Sacred Bloodline by art historian Vern Grosvenor Swanson. [54] Formatted as a footnoted scholarly study and claiming to be the culmination of almost three decades of research, the work was produced partly as a response to "a fuzzy gnostic, leftwing, liberal, and adamantly feminist bias" regarding the divine feminine and sacred marriage that pervaded recent literature concerning the subject, and that the author considered as "idiologically corrosive to faith in Jesus Christ". [30] [54] He nonetheless drew from the same pseudohistorical grail legend as Holy Blood, combining it with concepts related to British Israelism, beliefs of the early Mormon fathers, and modern genetic genealogy. [30] [54] Keller, Wade (August 23, 2020). "8/23 WWE SummerSlam PPV Report: Keller's report on McIntyre vs. Orton, Strowman vs. Fiend, Bayley vs. Asuka, Sasha vs. Asuka, Rollins vs. Dominik". Pro Wrestling Torch . Retrieved February 8, 2023. Browne, Sylvia (2007). The Two Marys: The Hidden History of the Mother and Wife of Jesus. Dutton Adult. ISBN 978-0-525-95043-1. W.A. Sibly, M.D. Sibly, The History of the Albigensian Crusade: Peter of les Vaux-de-Cernay's "Historia Albigensis" (Boydell, 1998). ISBN 0-85115-658-4 Quote: "Further, in their secret meetings they said that the Christ who was born in the earthly and visible Bethlehem and crucified at Jerusalem was 'evil', and that Mary Magdalene was his concubine – and that she was the woman taken in adultery who is referred to in the Scriptures; the 'good' Christ, they said, neither ate nor drank nor assumed the true flesh and was never in this world, except spiritually in the body of Paul. I have used the term 'the earthly and visible Bethlehem' because the heretics believed there is a different and invisible earth in which – according to some of them – the 'good' Christ was born and crucified." a b McClymond, Michael J. (2001). "Jesus". In Freedman, David Noel; McClymond, Michael J. (eds.). The Rivers of Paradise: Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammad as Religious Founders. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. pp.309–456 at 329.Much of the literature of this type has a more specific emphasis, on a claimed marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are indications in Gnosticism of the belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene shared an amorous, and not just a religious relationship. The Gnostic Gospel of Philip tells that Jesus "kissed her often" and refers to Mary as his "companion". [3] Several sources from the 13th-century claim that an aspect of Catharist theology was the belief that the earthly Jesus had a familial relationship with Mary Magdalene. An Exposure of the Albigensian and Waldensian Heresies, dated to before 1213 and usually attributed to Ermengaud of Béziers, a former Waldensian seeking reconciliation with the Catholic Church, would describe Cathar heretical beliefs including the claim that they taught "in the secret meetings that Mary Magdalen was the wife of Christ". [4] A second work, untitled and anonymous, repeats Ermengaud's claim. [4] The anti-heretic polemic Historia Albigensis, written between 1212 and 1218 by Cistercian monk and chronicler Peter of Vaux de Cernay, gives the most lurid description, attributing to Cathars the belief that Mary Magdalene was the concubine of Jesus. [4] [5] These sources must be considered with caution: the two known authors were not themselves Cathars and were writing of a heresy being actively and violently suppressed. There is no evidence that these beliefs derived from the much earlier Gnostic traditions of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but the Cathar traditions did find their way into many of the 20th-century popular writings claiming the existence of a progeny of Jesus. [4] [6] Christ and Mary Magdalene (Peter Paul Rubens, 1618) Modern works [ edit ] Speaking of that next generation, the show established late in the season that the profits from Sally ( Sissy Spacek) selling the Inn would be their inheritance, but that is now moot since evidently the Inn will be underwater in ten years. Again, this plot meant almost nothing since it wasn’t ever a serious discussion with the family outside of Sally telling half of her grandkids in a brief scene. And where would Sally go? What was her plan beyond selling the Inn? Staszewski, Joseph (December 27, 2022). "The Post's 2022 pro wrestling awards". New York Post. Archived from the original on December 29, 2022 . Retrieved December 30, 2022.

Though absent from the Gospels or historical records, the concept of Jesus having descendants has gained a presence in the public imagination, as seen with Dan Brown's best-selling novel and movie The Da Vinci Code that used the premise for its plot. It is dismissed generally by scholars. These claimed Jesus' bloodlines are distinct from the biblical genealogy of Jesus, which concerns the alleged ancestors of Jesus, and from the documented Brothers of Jesus and other kin of Jesus, known as the Desposyni. Dyer, Jennifer (December 2015). The Role of Archaeology in the Jesus Industry (M.A.). University of South Africa. pp.26–29. Thompson, Damian (2008). "How Da Vinci Code tapped pseudo-fact hunger". Archived from the original on January 13, 2008 . Retrieved February 3, 2020. {{ cite journal}}: Cite journal requires |journal= ( help) Statement of Ben Hammott". Ben Hammott: Rennes-le-Chateaux Research & Discoveries. Archived from the original on 30 October 2019. Infant mortality in pre-modern times was ridiculously high, and you'd only need one childhood accident or disease in 2,000 years to wipe out the bloodline … keep the children of Christ marrying each other, on the other hand, and eventually they'd be so inbred that the sons of God would have flippers for feet. [78]In the television documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and book The Jesus Family Tomb, [14] both from 2007, fringe investigative journalist Simcha Jacobovici and Charles R. Pellegrino proposed that ossuaries in the Talpiot Tomb, discovered in Jerusalem in 1980, belonged to Jesus and his family. Jacobovici and Pellegrino argue that Aramaic inscriptions reading "Judah, son of Jesus", "Jesus, son of Joseph", and "Mariamne", a name they associate with Mary Magdalene, together preserve the record of a family group consisting of Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene and son Judah. [15] Such theory has been rejected by the overwhelming majority of biblical scholars, archaeologists and theologians, including the archaeologist Amos Kloner, who managed the archeological excavation of the tomb itself. [16]

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